Now, Grace listens to commands & walks wonderfully on leash…

German Shepherd Mix Dog Training for Tempe, AZ

Lynn and Jim had called us because they had recently adopted a German Shepherd mix named Grace who wasn’t getting along great with their other dog, Chewy, a Poodle mix. They were also hoping to get Grace to listen better and walk nicely on a leash because she didn’t have any training before they adopted her. Walking for Lynn felt like losing an arm every time Grace pulled on the leash and Grace didn’t understand manners around other dogs. After sitting down together, Lynn and Jim signed Grace up for our Boarding School Program.

As soon as Grace started her training she learned very quickly what was expected of her and she began to calm down very nicely. She also started to learn that pulling on a leash wasn’t the most comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors. She also learned that she is still able to do all the things she wanted, but in a polite way. Grace learned to love her “place” where she
could rest and relax. Grace listens to commands, walks wonderfully on leash and plays better with her roommate, Chewy. She also has great play dates with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Lynn couldn’t be happier with Grace’s training. Not only does she get to hang out with Grace knowing she won’t go overboard, she also understands how to better communicate with Grace and Chewy. She practices the commands in every place possible and goes on hikes in the early morning hours. For Lynn, Grace went from being a nuisance for Chewy to a companion that can be enjoyed every single day for the rest of their lives!

Now They are able to enjoy a nice walk…

Border Collie Training Tempe AZ

Murray and Murene from Tempe, AZ first called us because they needed some help getting their new rescue Border Collie mix, Max under control. They adopted Max because they had previously had a great Border Collie who was great at listening to commands and was patient and calm, but was able to enjoy lots of play time and adventures. They were hoping for that when Max came into the family, but it wasn’t as smooth sailing with him. He had no manners, couldn’t walk on a leash without pulling like a freight train and would steal objects from furniture or counters every chance he got. Murene and Murray also thought he was a nuisance to their neighbors because if his obsessive barking at the other dogs across the fence.

After calling and scheduling a visit with us, Murene and Murray signed Max up for the Boarding School Program. Max was very happy to be dropped off to start school, but then quickly realized that school meant work ;). Max enjoyed his time socializing with the other dogs that stay here and he did well learning commands like “place”, “down”, “come” and “sit”. He also quickly learned how to walk nicely on a leash without pulling. While Max did protest his new school lessons he actually found out that learning can be a lot of fun and learned to respect the decisions humans made while still being the vivacious and boisterous dog is always was.

Murene and Murray knew they would have a lot of work to do when Max got home, but couldn’t have been happier with the results of his board and train stay. He was calmer during times when they couldn’t play with him and enjoyed spending quality time with him when they enjoyed a cup of coffee. They are also able to enjoy a nice walk around their neighborhood which is the first time in a while that they could actually see it. Now that Murene and Murray know how to communicate with Max they can take his training to wonderful places.

Diane and Sofie are now living a life that everyone wishes for…

Labrador Puppy Training for Mesa AZ | Kona’s Dog Training Tempe, AZDiane from Mesa, AZ contacted us for help training her Champagne Labrador, puppy, Sofie. Sofie was a young puppy who had very typical puppy behaviors and excitement about the world. Diane wanted the best start possible for Sofie and knew she needed the guidance to make sure she was as successful as possible with her training. We talked about all of our puppy programs and Diane signed up Sofie for our Puppy Boarding School Program the day we sat down for our visit. She knew Sofie would learn to walk nicely on leash, learn manners around people and other dogs.

When Sofie arrived for her stay she was happy and excited to get started and so was Diane. Sofie learned how to play with other dogs, including ones who were not so comfortable around others. Sofie showed them how to open up and trust that nothing, but fun could happen around the right dogs. She also learned how to walk on a leash without pulling and learned to greet politely. Sofie also learned how to “come” when called and go to her “place” and “lay down”. She learned how to know when her owner was up for fun and training and when it was time to unwind and rest. She plays fetch outside her house without running away and brings the ball back to keep the game going.

Diane couldn’t be happier with where Sofie’s training was when she went home and did wonders keeping up the training afterward. Diane trusts Sofie around so many distractions and they get to enjoy the retired life, which includes beautiful walks and play. Everything a dog and owner should enjoy together. Diane and Sofie are now living a life that everyone wishes for……..and can be achieved!

Jesse and Raquel are very happy with Marie’s progress

Jesse and Raquel from Mesa, AZ initially contacted us not sure if there was any solution to their reactive Rhodesian Ridgeback’s problems around other dogs. They had adopted Marie at 9 weeks old and in the beginning Marie was playful and open to other dogs, but as time went on she began to do unwanted behaviors while on leash around other dogs. She would bark and lunge at other dogs when she was on leash and they found it hard to control her and were unsure about taking her outside. They needed to find the solution that was right for them where they felt comfortable knowing that this was fixable with training.

We talked to Jesse over the phone initially reassuring him that he, Raquel and Marie were not alone in this. That a lot of other families have dogs that acted the same way and that with training and guidance they could have a dog they enjoyed and felt comfortable walking  outside and around other people and dogs. We then set up a visit and met one another where they signed Marie up for our Unlimited Program. Through the initial lessons we helped Jesse and Raquel communicate better with Marie through obedience commands and knowledge. They now know why Marie is uncomfortable around people and dogs and what to do if she barks and lunges. With each day Marie got better and they know what she is capable of during walks and outings.

Jesse and Raquel are very happy with Marie’s progress and I tell them I am happy with theirs. They are more confident and relaxed with Marie and are enjoying her so much more now. I continue to see huge progress each time I see them and they also have great support with their families. They are the perfect family who continues to grow wonderfully with each other.

Benny and Winston can politely wait to greet guests now…

Richard and Stacey from Phoenix, AZ called us because they had two hyper, boisterous pitbulls who when on walks would lunge and bark at other dogs. They felt it was so bad that they would wait until late night to even take the dogs outside of the house. Benny and Winston also had some unwanted behaviors inside the house. Like barking when the doorbell rang and jumping on people when they entered the house. Their teenage son was also having some trouble controlling them when he was home alone. They weren’t sure what to do to stop these behaviors and that’s when we heard from them.

Richard and Stacey were excited to sign up Benny, the more energized dog for our Unlimited Program. This way they could get help with his behaviors and training then easily transition the training to Winston at home. We found the right training tools for them and worked each lesson to build their relationship with Benny to allow him to calm down with each passing day. Every time I saw Richard, Stacey and Benny they were all happier and calmer! While patience may be tested sometimes they now have all the tools and skills to overcome anything that they come across. This includes other dogs on their regular walks.

Richard and Stacey are so much happier now that they have two calmer pitbulls inside their home. They no longer worry about walks and what people might think of their dogs. Each day they enjoy the quiet and are comfortable to invite people into their home and know that Benny and Winston can politely wait to greet guests. Oh, and their son is able to enjoy the dogs now more than ever before.

Now Ashely feels more comfortable taking Tegan out in public!!!

Ashely and Joe from Glendale, AZ called us because they had recently adopted their pitbull, Kinsie. When they brought Kinsie home their other pitbull, Tegan didn’t seem to take it that well. Before they knew it a fight happened between the two dogs and a little blood was drawn. They knew immediately that they needed some help figuring out how to get the two dogs to get along. We had a great phone call with Ashely reassuring her that she wasn’t the only person in the world to have this happen and that is can be very common when bringing a new dog into a home. After talking we set up a visit for her and Joe to bring both Tegan and Kinsie in to meet in person.


When we all meet Ashely and Joe thought it was the best idea to sign Tegan up for our Unlimited Program. This way they could keep Kinsie and Tegan together and work on their training together every day. They learned how to better communicate with each dog to build a better human/dog relationship, which would lead to a better dog/dog relationship. Each week we saw great progress with Ashely and Joe as well as Tegan. They all worked so hard every day.


Tegan continues to show great progress and while they no longer have Kinsie [they stumbled upon the perfect home for her] both dogs are doing great! Ashely feels more comfortable taking Tegan out to public places and each time sees Tegan’s reactions lessen and lessen. They feel great knowing that they have a plan in any situation that might come up and confident that Tegan won’t over react to another dog in public. Tegan is a great dog who is making progress every day and continues to enjoy her happy family with Ashely and Joe. Way to go!

Ryder is becoming the wonderful family dog…

Anissa from Chandler, AZ called us because she was having some concerns with her black Labrador mix, Ryder. She recently took on his care from her daughter and Anissa noticed that he was snapping and having some issues with her other four dogs. She knew before anything got worse that she needed some help to train Ryder and get him comfortable around his new housemates. That’s when we set her up for a visit to talk about all of our programs and how training would help Ryder relax both inside and outside the home. We talked about building his confidence and obedience so he would feel better about his new surroundings.

After just a few minutes of talking and reassuring her that Ryder would be a great dog with training, Anissa decided on our Boarding School Program where Ryder would come and stay with us for two weeks to calm down and learn better manners and skills. It was also the perfect time because Anissa knew she would be having work done on her house and that it might make things worse for Ryder.

As soon as Ryder arrived for the Boarding School Program he fell right in love with the routine and the relaxing structure of the training. Ryder began to open up like the pages of a good book and learn how to not only socialize with other dogs, but actually play and understand them. He built a great foundation while staying here that transitioned so well back home.


Anissa couldn’t have been happier with Ryder’s progress during the first lesson. He listened wonderfully to her and did great with the obedience commands. Anissa also did a beautiful job at home making sure she practiced with him every day to keep up the training after he got home. After only a couple of weeks back home he is already making friends with his housemates and they are learning how to get along even when there is a lot going on. Ryder is becoming the wonderful family dog everyone knew he had in him. Way to go Ryder!

They are so happy to be receiving compliments on how well behaved their dog is…

Jordan and Kailey from Scottsdale, AZ contacted us because Oliver, their Labradoodle was their first puppy and dog in a while. They noticed that Oliver was unsure about certain noises and uncomfortable around new situations. They also wanted a great foundation to bring Oliver into adulthood. They just wanted the best for their new family member and that’s why they had first called.


Oliver was quickly signed up for our Unlimited Program because both Jordan and Kailey wanted to work every day with him and wanted the guidance on how to do that. Oliver was a spit fire and learned exceptionally well and fast. Jordan and Kailey also did a wonderful job practicing every day with Oliver and at each lesson we could see how well the training was going. Oliver learned obedience commands like “place”, “come” and “down” while also learning to walk nicely on a leash.

All three couldn’t be a better family unit. They are happy to be spending as much time as possible together, going out in public to show Oliver the world and enjoying showing him off at the same time.


Oliver is loved by everyone who passes by him and Jordan and Kailey are so happy to be receiving compliments on how well behaved their dog is. They started the training at an early age and worked so hard to make it worth it. Now Oliver gets to go lots of places and people get to enjoy the beautiful Labradoodle.

Benny no longer has accidents in the home…

Benny from Tempe, AZ Ben from Tempe, AZ called us because he had just adopted his new buddy, Benny, from the Animal Control and was looking to start their new relationship off right. Ben noticed from the beginning that Benny had some issues with urinating all around the house, especially when he was home alone. Benny also seemed to be uncomfortable doing things that most would think simple. Things like getting into the car, being ok with someone walking behind him on walks and being told “no” when he did something wrong. Benny however was not ok with these things and even more. He would shut down whenever something would happen that he didn’t understand or was afraid of.

Ben signed Benny up for our Unlimited Program, so he could practice with Benny every day and begin to build their relationship from the very beginning. Ben and Benny together learned how to communicate through simple commands like, “sit”, “down” and “come”. We taught Ben how to overcome unwanted behaviors like pottying in the house without making Benny scared and shut down. Benny also learned how to be more comfortable out in the world without worrying that there was that might happen. Enjoying the park is so much better than being fearful of it!

Benny no longer has accidents in the home and has learned to love his crate, where he can now hold his potty for 10 hours if needed! Benny can also walk right by Ben’s side and know that if anything might happen, Ben is there to take care of it, so Benny can now enjoy the outdoors, even when people walk behind, past and in front of him. He listens great inside his home and can enjoy the nice cuddles Ben is more than willing to give him. Benny has finally found a great home that is as lasting as their new friendship.

Lizzie learned how to nicely walk on the leash and  politely greet people…

Marilyn, from Tempe, AZ came to us after she had gotten her Welsh Terrier pup, Lizzie. Marilyn had just recently moved and because she lived alone she thought it would be the perfect time to get a great companion. In Lizzie she found a vivacious, spunky and very energetic dog, who jumped like a pogo stick and barked at everything that moved. Maybe a little too energetic for the retired live she lives. So Marilyn wanted to learn how to enjoy Lizzie and fulfill them both, but also have a calm dog in the house when she was doing hobbies or enjoying a good book.

Marilyn immediately signed up for our Unlimited Program. She realized it was the perfect solution to her training needs. She had the time to work with Lizzie every day, but needed the extra guidance to know what to do when things happened throughout the day. Marilyn and Lizzie learned all the commands that will help them throughout each day, including “come”, “down” and “place”.

Lizzie also learned how to nicely walk on the leash and how to politely greet people both inside and outside the home. Lizzie also learned how to be more patient inside the home when Marilyn couldn’t give her all of her attention.

Marilyn is now enjoying retirement with a great companion and friend who curbs the lonely nights and keeps her young. They look forward to the next 12-15 years together where their companionship will only grow stronger!