Success Stories

He has learned what he is allowed to chew on…

Nykia signed up Oliver, her German Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog mix, to us because he had a lot of puppy tendencies. He would jump up on everyone including his mom and bite at her feet and pant legs. Oliver also had trouble coming when called and had a hard time calming down. […]

Now Mabel May and Sue Ellen can enjoy sitting on their porch

  Sue Ellen brought Mabel May, her West Highland Terrier, to us because Mabel May had problems with excited urination and was very afraid of household items like brooms and rakes. Mabel May also had trouble listening to her owners when another dog was around. Mabel May would bark and […]

Now Maddie and Shannon enjoy going for walks.

Shannon brought Maddie, her Golden Retriever, to us because Maddie was afraid of large utility trucks and did not want to go out for walks. After doing our Board and Train Program and in-home sessions with her owners, Maddie was able to get over her fear and not react to […]

Now family members can bring their dogs over and everyone can have a good time.

Sandy contacted us about her Siberian Huskies, Sheena and Savannah.  The dogs were destructive in the house, eating off of counters and not getting along with other family members’ dogs. We put Sheena and Savannah through our ten week in-home program where we taught them to calm down and listen […]

Now Stephen doesn’t worry that Coal will run away or get lost.

Stephen asked us for help with Coal, an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull) who at ten weeks old, needed help with learning puppy manners like coming when called and not chewing on things that were not his toys. Stephen wanted to be able to take Coal on outdoor adventures with him.  […]

Now he walks nicely on a leash and comes when called.

Ed’s puppy, Charlie, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever was chewing lamp cords and would howl whenever Ed put him in the crate. Charlie was in our Board and Train Program.  We helped fix Charlie’s fear of the crate by using Nike, another dog boarding with us who loved her crate, to […]

Jane is excited to be able to buy new furniture and not worry that it will be destroyed.

Jane’s dog, Max, an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull), needed help because he would get so stressed out when Jane went to work that he would rip her couch to shreds.  After Max destroyed four couches Jane knew she needed help. Max came into our six week in-home training program.  We […]

Now Leo is able to enjoy mealtimes and so is his family.

Megan brought Leo, her Yellow Labrador Retriever, to us because he was chewing window blinds and furniture when she was at work.  He also would steal food off of the table and counters. We had Leo in our six week in-home training program where we worked on getting him to […]

After only four lessons Magnolia was able greet people….

Stacy came to us about an issue with her six month old Golden Retriever, Magnolia, who would pee in the house when she was excited. She got excited whenever her owners returned home or when people came over to the house.  In fact, when we first met Magnolia she got […]

She now enjoys quiet time with her family…

Emma came to us as a referral through another trainer, Myra. Emma had already been trained in basic manners, but was too energetic and excited around other people and dogs to be a service animal. She needed to be placed in a new home, but first needed help learning how […]