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Success Stories

Lily’s the Perfect Pocket Companion

Nikki from Phoenix, AZ called us to help with training for her Pomeranian, Lily. Nikki was having issues getting Lily to calm down inside the house whenever she would hear sounds from the outside and Lily had terrible walking manners. Nikki didn’t know how to discipline her small dog to […]

Odin’s No Longer a Work in Progress

Greg from Gilbert, AZ was actually not a client of ours in the beginning. His now ex-wife originally called us to get help for their Springer Spaniel, Odin. Odin was having issues with separation anxiety from his housemates after the couple separated. Odin went with Greg and the other two […]

Arya is Natasha’s Best Companion Dog!

Natasha from Phoenix, AZ was referred to us by another client because her dog, a labrador mix, Arya, was having significant issues while on walks. Arya would pull, lunge and sound very aggressive toward other dogs and cats. Natasha knew Arya was not mean, but was worried these issues would […]

Zoey – From Lunging and Barking to Class Valedictorian

Jen and Dave from Tempe, AZ contacted us through a referral from an established client. They were looking for help with their dog, Zoey, an Old Red Fox Retriever. Zoey was having problems on walks in their neighborhood and condo complex. She would lunge and bark at neighbors, workers and […]

Ranger is a Great Success Story!

Rosie from Mesa, AZ called us when her Tennessee Walker Hound Ranger was overreacting to dogs on walks in her neighborhood. Rosie, a petite woman, couldn’t handle her 75 pound hound safely and needed help because his lunging and barking were too severe for her to manage. Ranger also had […]

Phoenix is No Longer a Big Pup

Madison from Scottsdale, called us after she and her fiance had purchased from a breeder her new puppy, Phoenix, a Sheepdog and Poodle mix. They had only had him a few days, but knew pretty much right away that they would need help training their new addition. Phoenix was already […]

Evie’s a Great Family Pet

Chantal from Scottsdale, AZ called us about her black labrador, Evie after she adopted her from the shelter. Chantal knew right from the start that Evie was timid and fearful and Chantal didn’t want to have her continue feeling this way. Evie would bark, run and hide from many things […]

Oso’s a Pit Above the Rest

Jessica, from Mesa, AZ was referred to us when she adopted her new pitbull puppy, Oso. She wanted to get a good jump start on training with Oso because she felt with his breed that she wanted to have him be an ambassador for the pitbull community. She didn’t want […]

Kevin is his Human’s Best Friend

Jesse, from Tempe, called us at Kona’s Dog Training because he was looking for help training his 3 y/o Chow mix, Kevin, around other dogs. Kevin had a reactivity issue whenever he saw other dogs while on walks. He would react more to dogs that reacted to him and Jesse […]

Flash is Now a Skilled Athlete

Michelle and Tyler from Scottsdale, AZ called us to get help with their newly adopted Border Collie mix, Flash. Flash had a neglected past and they did not know much about what type of care he had, if any, but they could tell he had no real rules or boundaries. […]