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Success Stories

Remy, the Belgian Malinois, is Now a Great Family Dog

Karin and her family, from Mesa, called us for training help after they purchased their Belgian Malinois, Remy. Karin wanted to get started on the correct foot since she knew the type of breed she purchased would be very active and smart. She wanted to learn how to successfully walk […]

Gracie is now the Best Family Dog!

Lucy, from Phoenix, called us to talk about training for her puppy Gracie, a Yorkshire terrier, who had no training and was starting to be a cause of problems between her and her roommate. Gracie was peeing on the carpet, barking every time the doorbell rang, pulling on a leash […]

Ricky Now Feel Comfortable Letting His Humans Take the Lead

Max and Julie, from Tempe, called us about their mini poodle mix, Ricky, when he started barking excessively at other dogs while on leash after being attacked by another dog when they were in Canada visiting family. Ricky was traumatized by this event, but so were Julie and Max. Not […]

Morgan Feels Confidence Walking Her Dog….

Morgan from Tempe, called us as a referral from a past client who needed help training her recently adopted dog, Rosie. Rosie, her terrier, pitbull mix was only 4 months old, but had a rough start to life. She was found with her littermates, but no mother and she had […]

She is now becoming a dog that we can trust…

Scott from Phoenix, called us when his cattle dog, Stormie became reactive to other dogs while on leash. Stormie was a rescue who seemed to have no behavior concerns, but they began to develop as the first few weeks went by. Scott noticed she would pull on the harness a […]

Ashoka now walks past them without reacting…

Nik from Phoenix, had originally contacted us when he had purchased two littermate German Shepherds from a breeder in northern Arizona. After talking with him about the issues and concerns he was facing with the two dogs he had decided that both dogs were a bit too much for one […]

Sunny now can lay next to her dad in his workshop for hours…

Melissa from Tempe, called us when she and her family purchased her new Labradoodle puppy, Sunny. Melissa wanted to train Sunny as soon as possible to help curb any potential issues that she might face in the future as she knew an untrained Labradoodle was not something she wanted. Melissa […]

Brody is now a calm dog who listens well…

Samantha, from Scottsdale, called us at Kona’s Dog Training because she felt she needed some help with her Golden Retriever puppy, Brody. When she was first describing her needs, we knew we could help her immediately. Brody was just 16 weeks old and already about 40 pounds and Samantha wanted […]

Now every time they call her she comes running back…

Clay and his family called us after adopting their Labrador/Cattle dog mix, Cocoa, when they noticed she was having trouble walking next to and around other dogs in their neighborhood and trails. She would lunge on her harness and screech whenever she would see another dog, even 50 yards away. […]

Now Astro is a Safe and Polite dog….

Ken from Tempe and his roommate called us to talk about training for their puppy even before they took him home. Ken said he wanted training for his Labradoodle right away. He was a bit frustrated as well because the breeder was requiring him to take Astro home at only […]