Benny and Winston can politely wait to greet guests now…

Richard and Stacey from Phoenix, AZ called us because they had two hyper, boisterous pitbulls who when on walks would lunge and bark at other dogs. They felt it was so bad that they would wait until late night to even take the dogs outside of the house. Benny and Winston also had some unwanted behaviors inside the house. Like barking when the doorbell rang and jumping on people when they entered the house. Their teenage son was also having some trouble controlling them when he was home alone. They weren’t sure what to do to stop these behaviors and that’s when we heard from them.

Richard and Stacey were excited to sign up Benny, the more energized dog for our Unlimited Program. This way they could get help with his behaviors and training then easily transition the training to Winston at home. We found the right training tools for them and worked each lesson to build their relationship with Benny to allow him to calm down with each passing day. Every time I saw Richard, Stacey and Benny they were all happier and calmer! While patience may be tested sometimes they now have all the tools and skills to overcome anything that they come across. This includes other dogs on their regular walks.

Richard and Stacey are so much happier now that they have two calmer pitbulls inside their home. They no longer worry about walks and what people might think of their dogs. Each day they enjoy the quiet and are comfortable to invite people into their home and know that Benny and Winston can politely wait to greet guests. Oh, and their son is able to enjoy the dogs now more than ever before.

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