After only 4 weeks of lessons, I see a huge improvement…

Gabby really is the best when it comes to not only obedience training but also correcting unwanted behaviors. She understands why dogs act/react the way they do, and she doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Just like humans, she knows that every dog has different learning styles and quickly changes her tactics when realizing one tactic may not be working for this particular dog. My dog was essentially trained the entire time without treats because she’s not food focused at all, and it’s ok because we still managed! In the case of my dog, I adopted her as a 4 week old street puppy in Thailand. And despite my best efforts, wasn’t properly socialized there or desensitized to new environments.

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At 9 months old I put her on a 20hr plane ride and brought her to America with me, and immediately saw a 180 flip in her behavior and personality. She was aggressive to other dogs, always on high alert, pacing, having panic attacks, experiencing extreme separation anxiety, and scared of everything from the sound of the door opening to a little leaf blowing in the wind. I spoke with a lot of trainers that I didn’t vibe with at all, and after my video consultation with Gabby I made the immediate decision to go with her training because she really knew what she was talking about, felt like a good fit, and came highly recommended to me by a former client of hers.

After only 4 weeks of lessons, I see I huge improvement in my dog. I can actually see now how my constant practice and patience combined with the lifetime support of Gabby is going to get her through these anxieties and we’ll be able to have a happy life together. Even though my sessions are up, we already have a follow up appointment scheduled for a socialization training with my mom’s dog, and she’s offered to schedule another one in between. So your training with Gabby doesn’t end at the 4-week point, and she always also answers my calls and texts between lessons should I have any questions. I can confidently recommend her training to other people, especially if you’re dog is experiencing anxiety, aggression or other behavioral issues or unwanted bad habits. And granted it’s a lot of money, but her prices are extremely fair for the type of service and quality of service.

Laila Oskouie

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