Bailey is enjoying the freedom of being off leash…

Mackenzie, from Tempe, called us at Kona’s Dog Training because she felt she needed some help with her Golden Retriever, Bailey. When she was first describing her concerns, we knew we could help her immediately. Mackenzie told us that she was unable to walk Bailey on a leash because every time she went outside Bailey “almost takes my arm off”. Bailey was also a big counter jumper and wandered around the house looking for anything any one of Mackenzie’s roommates might drop or leave out. Bailey was doing all the things so many owners face on a regular basis and Mackenzie felt saddened that there might not be anything that could be done. She said she was even told by another trainer that her dog was “untrainable”.

Mackenzie came in for a visit with Bailey and we reassured her that Bailey was absolutely trainable and could be a wonderful, enjoyable family dog. Bailey is still an adolescent or “teenager” and teaching her rules and Mackenzie’s expectations would be easy, once we taught Bailey how to understand. Mackenzie was very excited to hear this and happy to know that someone could help her. She immediately signed Bailey up for our Boarding School Program.

Bailey stayed with us for our two week program and had a great time learning commands like “come”, “place”, “down” and “let’s go”, which is learning to walk nicely on a leash. Bailey even learned how to interact and politely be around and play with other dogs. She learned life skills that Mackenzie has already told me she has practiced. Mackenzie called me while on vacation with Bailey at a lake to say that Bailey is enjoying the freedom of being off leash and wandering around. Bailey now comes when called and can be trusted to listen without a problem no matter the distractions. Mackenzie is doing a wonderful job taking Bailey to lots of places and practicing everything they both have learned. She is taking this “untrainable” dog to new heights!

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