Now they are also able to take Lilly out for walks without her pulling

Linda and Bob are happily retired in Goodyear, Arizona and with all the time in the world they thought it would be a perfect time to get a new puppy. They welcomed Lilly, their Goldendoodle into their home at the healthy age of 8 weeks old, but they soon realized that they might have been in a little over their heads and contacted us for some puppy guidance.


Lilly was a great puppy! She was playful and energetic which helps to keep the couple young at heart. They love to go outdoors with Lilly and walk her around their neighborhood, but Lilly did have some very puppy issues. The worst habit being her puppy biting and nipping issues. She also had a little problem with peeing when she greeted people at the door and this happened often while she jumped up at them. So, Linda and Bob knew they needed that extra help to figure out how to resolve these problems.

They signed Lilly up for our Unlimited Program which included home lessons and public lessons so they could learn to take Lilly everywhere. Lilly started listening better to Linda and Bob and they found that they didn’t need to repeat themselves or raise their voices to get her to listen. Lilly would stop any unwanted behaviors after only a single correction. She learned to listen to “No” well and eventually they stopped using the word regularly. With the right leash they are also able to take Lilly out for walks without her pulling and lunging on the leash and can play the long game of fetch in their local park area.



Linda and Bob couldn’t be happier with Lilly’s progress and I couldn’t be happier with theirs. They listened wonderfully to all of the training and instructions and started doing them in their home immediately and saw results right away. They get to enjoy Lilly more now since they no longer have to worry about the biting and the chewing. Their guests can walk in without being bulldozed by the now big girl. They also love whenever someone tells them what a beautiful and well behaved dog they have while out in public and it only gets better each and every day.

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