Simba learned very fast when and where he was allowed to go potty

Tulsi called us because her dog, Simba, a Havanese, had a number of puppy behaviors that she needed help to stop or correct. Simba would bark at everyone when they came into her apartment. He would potty and poop inside, even when she tried to teach him to use potty pads. He would chew on all of her furniture and caused her to have to replace sheets and pillows too often. Simba didn’t know how to walk nicely on a leash. He would pull, pull, pull. It was as if Tulsi wasn’t even there. Nothing seems to work….and Tulsi was out of options.



Tulsi signed Simba up for our Boarding School Program and he stayed here to learn better manners, to potty and poop outside and walk nicely on a leash. Simba also learned great manners and social skills with the other dogs that were here too. He picked up the obedience commands beautifully and he learned very fast when and where he was allowed to go potty. He didn’t have one single accident during his training!



Simba’s mom was so happy when he went home. She learned how to stop any biting and chewing and she continued to work on his commands even when they had a lot of distractions. She even felt comfortable taking him to doggy daycare where she knew he would be a friendly dog and enjoy his days there. Tulsi often asks to board Simba with us [a BIG benefit I love to offer my clients] and he is always welcome because Tulsi keeps up with his training and works really hard to keep learning new things to keep Simba happy and fulfilled.

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