Diane and Sofie are now living a life that everyone wishes for…

Labrador Puppy Training for Mesa AZ | Kona’s Dog Training Tempe, AZDiane from Mesa, AZ contacted us for help training her Champagne Labrador, puppy, Sofie. Sofie was a young puppy who had very typical puppy behaviors and excitement about the world. Diane wanted the best start possible for Sofie and knew she needed the guidance to make sure she was as successful as possible with her training. We talked about all of our puppy programs and Diane signed up Sofie for our Puppy Boarding School Program the day we sat down for our visit. She knew Sofie would learn to walk nicely on leash, learn manners around people and other dogs.

When Sofie arrived for her stay she was happy and excited to get started and so was Diane. Sofie learned how to play with other dogs, including ones who were not so comfortable around others. Sofie showed them how to open up and trust that nothing, but fun could happen around the right dogs. She also learned how to walk on a leash without pulling and learned to greet politely. Sofie also learned how to “come” when called and go to her “place” and “lay down”. She learned how to know when her owner was up for fun and training and when it was time to unwind and rest. She plays fetch outside her house without running away and brings the ball back to keep the game going.

Diane couldn’t be happier with where Sofie’s training was when she went home and did wonders keeping up the training afterward. Diane trusts Sofie around so many distractions and they get to enjoy the retired life, which includes beautiful walks and play. Everything a dog and owner should enjoy together. Diane and Sofie are now living a life that everyone wishes for……..and can be achieved!

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