Lucy and Gracie now enjoy long walks….

Lucy, from Phoenix, AZ called us to talk about her Yorkshire Terrier, Gracie. Lucy said she was struggling with a lot of issues and was at her wits end on how to deal with it all. She said she was specifically looking at doing our Boarding School Program. This way Gracie would come back home with a good foundation of training and Lucy wouldn’t be dealing with significant mistakes during the learning stage of training. She needed help with Gracie’s potty training, commands, leash walking, bolting through the front door and running around the complex as well as her manners, like jumping on people and furniture all throughout the day. Lucy had previous Yorkies in the past, but not one as rambunctious and energetic as Gracie.

We talked on the phone for awhile and discussed all of Lucy’s options for how we could help her and then we set up an initial visit for her, Lucy’s sister and Gracie to talk in person. We answered all of their questions, eased their concerns about training and after thinking it over for a day or two signed Gracie up for Boarding School Program.

When Gracie was dropped off, it was definitely difficult for Lucy to say goodbye, but she knew that this was the best fit for Gracie’s training and felt good about her decision. As early as the first day Gracie was already making great progress with her potty training and leash walking. She learned very quickly that pulling was not going to get her what she wanted and that calm and relaxed behavior would give her freedom and privileges while training. Everyday we practiced how to get Gracie to come when called, go to her “place” and lay “down” and each day she was able to do them faster and longer and within the first 3 days of training Gracie was already able to do these commands in parks and public places. We also practiced going to restaurant patios and dog friendly places because that was a big goal Lucy wanted to achieve. Each time Gracie was able to stay calmer longer, lay down politely and watch as the people walked by and awed at her. She was the perfect little companion on our outings and everyone just loved her. Gracie’s biggest accomplishment was her ability to respect doorways and not bolt out whenever the door was open. She learned how to control her impulses so she was kept safe from cars and off leash dogs in her neighborhood.

When Lucy came to pick up Gracie she couldn’t believe the difference training had made with her little yorkie.

Gracie greeted Lucy calmly without jumping and whining and was able to be petted and praised immediately. Lucy just couldn’t wait to take her newly trained dog home and show the world what she could do. Lucy and Gracie now enjoy long walks in the neighborhood and parks, but most of all they enjoy the best restaurants in the area with their family and friends and show off to all the other dogs how well she can do!

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