NOW He listens to commands…

Andrea (Birdie’s Mom) from Tempe, AZ called us back to help her and her family with their Wheaten Terrier puppy, Stanley. They purchased Stanley to add to their big and active family and wanted to make sure that everything started off right for their new member. We started Stanley with puppy training to help him adjust to the change in environment when coming home from the breeder. He walked around the house and yard with a lightweight leash to get comfortable with the idea of a leash without putting too much pressure on his 9 week old mind. Training also began with treats and happy/excited motivation so the family and Stanley could build up companionship and trust.

When Stanley was old enough he started our Puppy Boarding Program and learned how to walk on a leash. He never learned how to pull or over react to the leash since he started wearing one early on. He learned to walk on a loose leash next to the human he was with and only wandered around when given permission. To stay consistent with Birdie’s training, Stanley learned commands like “place”, “sit”, “down” and “come”. He also learned that furniture was a privilege and only when his human said it was ok. Stanley also learned how to be invited to share affection and time with his family instead of demanding it.

When Stanley went home, Andrea said he was the best walker [out of the 3 dogs in the home]. He ignores people, dogs, cars and other animals around the neighborhood and just loves to walk. Pack walks were easy to add in another dog, especially one who just loves to walk. He listens to commands, along with Birdie and all the dogs learned how to use the doggy door so they could go back and forth as needed. As Stanley continues to grow up he’ll continue to become the best addition to the already happy family.

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