Now I can walk him….

Gabrielle at Kona’s Dog Training has been amazing. When I walked into her training center with my 1 year old, 92 lb lab pulling me all the way I couldn’t imagine that in just a few training sessions that he would make so much progress. As a 120 lb woman I had NO control over him. I stopped taking him on walks and out to parks because he would bolt when we got out of the car, lunge at other dogs or pull me to get where he wanted to go.

Since training with Gabrielle I feel confident walking with Cooper, taking him to public places again and finally having a behaved dog. He no longer pulls me where he wants to go and can pass by other dogs and not react to them. The training has been amazing for not just Cooper but for also myself. Now that I know how to manage his behavior it is so much easier to enjoy him! I highly recommend Gabrielle.

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