Phoenix is No Longer a Big Pup

Madison from Scottsdale, called us after she and her fiance had purchased from a breeder her new puppy, Phoenix, a Sheepdog and Poodle mix. They had only had him a few days, but knew pretty much right away that they would need help training their new addition. Phoenix was already a rambunctious 9 week old puppy and they didn’t want any issues to develop as he aged.
When we had an initial visit, it was without Phoenix, because he was still too young to come to the facility and didn’t have his full set of booster vaccinations, but they signed him up right away. They signed up for our Puppy Boarding School program because they knew with their busier work schedules that it may be a little hard to fully develop a foundation in his training. We did however, start private lessons while still waiting for his vaccinations to be completed and scheduled his stay as soon as they were finished.

Phoenix stayed for 2 weeks and worked on his leash skills – walking nicely and without pulling on the leash. We worked on commands that would help him to calm down as well. Including “place”, “sit”, “come” and “down”. We also worked on his social skills with other dogs because a few months after training was started Madison and her fiance were moving to Florida to be closer to family and all their family had dogs. Phoenix calmed down significantly during his stay and learned how to understand and listen to commands and was able to go on long, enjoyable walks and not get overly excited about other dogs or animals.

After training ended and Phoenix and his family moved to Florida we found out that he was doing really well. Most happily he was able to have a yard without fencing and not run off to chase animals he saw near the house. He comes when called and has a great time going on long excursions in and around his home in Florida.

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