She calmed down dramatically.

We adopted a rescue dog last December. Our dog, Maddie, had been returned to AZHS a number of times due to behavioral issues. We knew we were getting ourselves into a situation, but we felt Maddie deserved a permanent home, and, being retired, we felt we would be able to give her the stability she needed. We quickly found out that we had taken on more than we were capable of handling – Maddie’s behavior was out of control and we needed help. Fortunately, we found Kona’s and Gabrielle on the internet. We met with Gabrielle and found her engaging, knowledgeable, friendly and reasonable, and we put our trust in her. We scheduled Maddie for her two-week boot camp with Gabrielle. We could not have made a better decision. Maddie learned her basic behavioral skills, walking, going to her “place” and her “crate,” and she calmed down dramatically. We knew that we would have to continue Maddie’s training once she returned home, and with Gabrielle’s help, we have worked diligently to make sure Maddie has continued on the road to being a good dog. As long as we follow Gabrielle’s no-nonsense training guidelines, we have a good dog who minds and is well trained. If we have any issues, Gabrielle always provides common sense and workable solutions, even many months later. Gabrielle has followed through and always addressed any questions or concerns we have had, right down to advice on a dog bowl. We highly recommend Gabrielle and Kona’s Dog Training. You will not be disappointed. We are so grateful and thankful that we found Gabrielle, and we feel confident that she will always be there for us. Best of all, our Maddie has her forever home, and we have a good dog to love.

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