She listens to commands without issue now…

Andrea from Tempe, AZ called us to help her and her family with their Boston Terrier, Birdie with her reactions to other dogs outside during walks. She would pull, lunge, bark and sometimes even regurgitate food because of her over reaction to other dogs. Birdie also had no manners or understanding of how to live in her family’s home without believing it was her place to do whatever she wanted. She would jump on people, furniture and bark as soon as she heard the doorbell ring. Andrea believed that the only thing Birdie really knew how to do well was invade a human’s personal space.

Birdie was signed up for our Boarding School program and started training with a new leash right away. Birdie had no idea how to walk on a leash without being way in front of her human. Using the right tools and teaching her how to calm her brain down, Birdie began to walk much better. She wasn’t pulling from the moment she left the door and when she did see another dog often it was a quick “huff” and moving on. If she did get over excited the leash quickly helped to stop her brain and relax her body so moving through the stress was easy and each time she became less stressed. She also learned how to respect personal space inside the home. She learned that furniture was a privilege that was earned by listening to commands and being calm while on the furniture. She also learned how to share space with her other dog mate and with each of her humans inside the home.

Birdie can now go on pack walks with her mom and dog mate everyday and Andrea doesn’t worry about trying to control both dogs at the same time. Birdie also has a designated “place” inside the home so she knows that unless invited she needs to stay in her own spot. She listens to commands without issue and enjoys spending time with her whole family, which also now includes a Wheaten Terrier puppy [who also went through training].

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