They no longer have to worry about her dragging them down the street

Bob and Andrea signed up Maddie, their terrier Dalmatian mix, because she was very destructive and didn’t listen to them at all. Maddie had gone from home to home for a while and then landed at the Arizona Humane Society. When Bob and Andrea went looking for a dog they saw Maddie and knew she was theirs. They knew they could give her a great home and a wonderful life, but they just didn’t know how to get her to stop digging in the yard, chewing up their irrigation system, going poop and potty in the house as well as getting her to listen when they needed her to. They were both determined to figure this all out.

That’s when they contacted us at Kona’s Dog Training.

Maddie was immediately signed up for our 2 week board and train program where she would learn better manners, walk nicely on leash [with a cane], not be destructive and learn how to nicely socialize with other dogs. Maddie learned how to calm down after only a couple of days. She would go nicely into the crate and stay on her bed. She also learned how to greet people politely and began enjoying her play dates with friends. She realized being destructive wasn’t the way to get what she wanted and learned how to play with her ball and tug instead. She now listens inside her home. She walks wonderfully on leash with Bob and Andrea and hasn’t destroyed a single thing in the backyard.

Bob and Andrea couldn’t be any happier with Maddie. They no longer have to worry about her dragging them down the street or having accidents in their home. They have a family pet they and their family members can now enjoy all the time.


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