Is Walking my Dog Really That Important?

Dog Walking Tips for Tempe AZThe simple answer is YES! Walks with your dog might be more important than other commands, but it’s all in how you do it. Most people I see walking their dogs are usually doing one of two things, but know there is the rare occasion when I see someone having a great walk with their dog. Before we talk about that let’s get all of the usual stuff out of the way. So, what are the two things I see you ask? Well I am glad you asked! I see people walking down the street with their dog completely oblivious to the fact they are even holding a leash. Their little Chihuahua or their big Dalmatian is pulling with all their might at the end of the leash trying to get to that next smell while their human is putting a crook in their neck looking down at their cell phone. It kind of makes me wonder, what the point of that even is. The other thing I see is people getting frustrated at their dog. Their big Belgian Tervuren is quite literally pulling them down the street and the embarrassment of their face says it all. It’s almost worse when they let their Scottish terrier just get away with it. That’s how the dogs learn to go somewhere. Pull, pull, and pull until the human just gives up!

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Then there is the best thing I see when I am walking and that is a dog and human walking side by side checking in with one another and enjoying walking together. It’s as if nothing else matters other than the two of them and it’s a relationship all humans strive for! We all want that special connection with someone that makes us blissfully happy. Take it from me there really can’t be a better connection that one you have with your dog.

So, now I hear you asking, how do I get that connection? I am guessing that you are probably one of those people who get frustrated with their dog on walks. You are at that point where you don’t
know what to do, but you know you need to do something before you just completely give up. You really want to know what to do, really? Are you sure?…..ok then this is the secret to begin to solve
the problem, you have already done it. You made the decision that something with your relationship needs to change! After that you find the right trainer to help. You find someone you can relate to. Someone you can feel comfortable with because they are teaching you something new and you will make mistakes. You also want to make sure the time and money you invest is worthwhile. It sucks learning from someone who doesn’t teach well and makes you feel dumb! It’s an investment because the next 10-15 years should be great with your dog, not a struggle. When you find the right trainer you then need to find the right training tools. Not all training tools are created equal and not every tool is the right fit for every person. That’s why there are so many.

The next time you go out for a walk that you know in the back of your head isn’t going to be the great, remember it can change and it starts with you. Make the decision and then contact me. I can
help you have the relationship you have always wanted with your dog. It’s really not that far off!

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