Unlimited Training Program

Is your dog driving you crazy with not listening or embarrasing you? Do you wish you could enjoy your dog more than you already do? That’s why we are here and we can help. Give us a call and tell us about your dog.

Your dog could be so much more a part of your family fun if only they listened better, right? You’d love to really enjoy owning a dog… and this program will give you the freedom to take them with you out and about.
Not only will your dog have amazing house manners – not pulling you on walks, not jumping on your guests, and settling down calmly when you need them to – you’ll also be heard and listened to when there are more distractions around!
You can go to the park or walk down busy streets and still have your dog pay attention to you.

This program includes:

  • 4-6 private lessons, including a couple out around town to work on distractions like groups of people and other dogs!
  • Behavior & obedience commands: Let’s go (for loose leash walking), come, place (to go to a bed till released), down, sit, drop it/leave it, wait at doors.
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee.