Kona’s Dog Training went above and beyond our expectations! We chose to have our dog Chauncey boarded and trained with Gabby for two weeks. As a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix, he suffered from separation anxiety (and anxiety in general) and would follow me around the house 24/7, jump on guests out of excitement, and bark at every little sound or person/animal walking by the house. Since his training, Chauncey is calm and SO well-behaved. We go for nice walks now and he could care less about the people and dogs walking by us. He is the BEST COMPANION. We owe that to the training, love, and care that Gabrielle has provided Chauncey. We are forever grateful.

– Gina [Chauncey]

I wish I could properly express my joy with the training my dog (and myself!) have received. My heeler Booker tends to be very nervous and gets extremely stressed out with people and new situations to the point where he will shut down.
Gabby has been absolutely amazing with Booker, and has shown my boyfriend and I ways to recognize and correct behaviors and help my dog through stressful situations. His confidence has grown, he calms down much faster in new scenarios, and he’s seeing the world in a much better light.
If you have reactive, nervous, or generally neurotic dogs and don’t know what to do, call Gabby. She knows what she’s doing, and she has the patience to help any dog gain comfort and confidence. Thank you for everything, Gabby!


– Melanie [Booker]

Gabby has transformed our dog’s quality of life.

We adopted our dog, Flash, from a local rescue and were told he had spent a lot of his early life kenneled. He had extremely bad anxiety (pacing for hours, barking at any sound), leash reactivity (lunging at cars, birds, and other dogs), and I was unable to walk him on my own because he would try to pull my arm off on walks.Since Gabby’s board and train program, Flash has done a 180!

He no longer paces all day, he calmly passes by distractions without lunging, and I am confident taking him out on long walks, runs, or hikes by myself. We have even gone on road trips and stayed in hotels where he is a perfect guest!

We love that we can take Flash on adventures with us and all have fun together. Gabby was able to show Flash how to calm his mind so he can enjoy life now without so much anxiety.

– Michelle & Tyler [Flash]

We have worked with several different dog trainers in the past and Gabrielle with Kona Dog Training is hands down the best!! She is extremely knowledgeable and beyond patient with not just our pup Tegan but us as pup parents as we learned and curved bad habitats. Communication with Gabrielle was seamless, she created a personalized training schedule after a meet and greet and was always available for any questions, concerns or freak-out moments we had along the way! I would recommend Kona Dog Training for ANY issues big or small you are having with your pup!! We will definitely use Gabrielle for any future training needs!!

– Ashely [Tegan]

Gabby was absolutely wonderful. She is truly a caring professional trainer. She has helped me to better understand my pup, how to train and how to react. She has kept me from pulling my hair out in frustration! Emma and I have a better loving, understanding and growing relationship because of Gabby. I can’t thank her enough.

– Debbie [Emma]

Gabby is an excellent trainer. Her non-punishment techniques work. My dog Bandit is a Queensland Mix. We did a two week board and train at her home. Before his two week board and train I did not want to walk him in public. Bandit either huffed, barked, or growled towards people and dogs. Gabby sent us regular updates and videos of her training lessons. Now, after Gabby’s training Bandit is greatly improved and I don’t dread walking him anymore. If you are looking for a trainer choose Kona’s Dog Training.

– Jessica [Bandit]

I am really happy with the outcome of training my dog Goo. Gabrielle has been patient and very helpful with training me to train my dog. About 10 months ago, I went on a mission to get my dog Goo to walk by my side instead of pulling my shoulder out of the socket. I tried everything I could think of and reached the end of what I was able to do. I contacted Gabrielle and she helped me find a new way to interact with my dog. She taught me a lot about the motivations behind my dogs behavior as well as how to correct them. Today, I went on my first walk with Goo that was enjoyable. I highly recommend taking your dog for training with Gabrielle.

– David [Goo]

Gabby was incredible for our new pitbull Zeus! We adopted Zeus with no clue about his prior history, but he was having some trouble meeting new people and being very reactive when seeing dogs. She really helped us better understand why he reacts the way he does and what to do about it. Well worth the money, she really trained us when all was said and done ;). Any time we had questions or needed anything, she answers right away and with a detailed response. We are moving out of state and she still gives us full lifetime support for Zeus.

– Craig [Zeus]

Myself and my dog Zoey both loved working with Gabby at Kona’s Dog Training. We would recommend her services to anyone in need of training!

– Amanda [Zoey]

Gabrielle at Kona’s Dog Training has been amazing. When I walked into her training center with my 1 year old, 92 lb lab pulling me all the way I couldn’t imagine that in just a few training sessions that he would make so much progress. As a 120 lb woman I had NO control over him. I stopped taking him on walks and out to parks because he would bolt when we got out of the car, lunge at other dogs or pull me to get where he wanted to go. Since training with Gabrielle I feel confident walking with Cooper, taking him to public places again and finally having a behaved dog. He no longer pulls me where he wants to go and can pass by other dogs and not react to them. The training has been amazing for not just Cooper but for also myself. Now that I know how to manage his behavior it is so much easier to enjoy him! I highly recommend Gabrielle.

– Justina [Cooper]

We used trainers in the past and we considered a number of trainers before we decided on Gabby. We are the proud adopted parents of a problem dog child. It was clear from the start that Gabby knows her business and how to train dogs effectively. Max was in the train and boarded program with Gabby for 2 weeks. He is so much better than before he left. We still have a lot of work with him. Gabby is very patient with Max and us with our training sessions. We could not be more pleased with Gabby and Kona’s Dog Training. We recommend her whole heartedly.

– Maureen [Max]

I would highly recommend Gabby!! We have two dogs and unfortunately our smaller dog Chase never seemed to fit in and he had some behavior problems. Chase trained with Gabby for 2 weeks at her home and the differences were amazing. That being said, we had to continue to work with Chase to remind him of his new training.
We also boarded Chase in July for about 10 days and that further cemented his training. I am happy to report that Chase is a more calm and confidant dog thanks to the kind and loving guidance that Gabby gave to him. It is really nice to know that if problems arise Gabby is just a phone call or text away!! Thank you Gabby for the wonderful service. You are amazing with your dogs!!

– Jackie [Chase]

After an accident in which my dog bolted after another dog, I felt nervous about walking with him. After talking to a few trainers, I chose to work with Gabby. I’m so glad I did. Not only did I regain my confidence but she taught me better ways to communicate with him. He was always a pretty good dog but now he’s even better at responding to my requests. Thank you Gabby!

– Linda [Huey]

Gabrielle is a great trainer of dogs and teacher of people. She was good with our dog; listened to our needs and took them seriously; explained what she was doing and why she was doing it; and was generous with her time and expertise.

– Tobias [Oscar]

My wife and I have been so pleased with the progress that our dog (Marie) has made during our time with Gabby! She helped us to understand our dog’s body language, and to handle her accordingly.
I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

– Jesse [Marie]

We have been working with Gabby for about 6 months with our Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. She has been fantastic! Our husky listens much better than he used to and his separation anxiety has gotten much better. I really enjoy being able to go to dog training consistently and help both our lives and our dogs.

– Alex & Garrett [Matcha and Mystic]

Very helpful, easy to work with, and clear communication. We have a big and enthusiastic dog who was difficult to control on walks. She helped us learn how to manage him, and walking him is so much more relaxing now!

– Hannah [Oscar]

Gabby really is the best when it comes to not only obedience training but also correcting unwanted behaviors. She understands why dogs act/react the way they do, and she doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Just like humans, she knows that every dog has different learning styles and quickly changes her tactics when realizing one tactic may not be working for this particular dog. My dog was essentially trained the entire time without treats because she’s not food focused at all, and it’s ok because we still managed! In the case of my dog, I adopted her as a 4 week old street puppy in Thailand. And despite my best efforts, wasn’t properly socialized there or desensitized to new environments. At 9 months old I put her on a 20hr plane ride and brought her to America with me, and immediately saw a 180 flip in her behavior and personality. She was aggressive to other dogs, always on high alert, pacing, having panic attacks, experiencing extreme separation anxiety, and scared of everything from the sound of the door opening to a little leaf blowing in the wind. I spoke with a lot of trainers that I didn’t vibe with at all, and after my video consultation with Gabby I made the immediate decision to go with her training because she really knew what she was talking about, felt like a good fit, and came highly recommended to me by a former client of hers. After only 4 weeks of lessons, I see I huge improvement in my dog. I can actually see now how my constant practice and patience combined with the lifetime support of Gabby is going to get her through these anxieties and we’ll be able to have a happy life together. Even though my sessions are up, we already have a follow up appointment scheduled for a socialization training with my mom’s dog, and she’s offered to schedule another one in between. So your training with Gabby doesn’t end at the 4-week point, and she always also answers my calls and texts between lessons should I have any questions. I can confidently recommend her training to other people, especially if you’re dog is experiencing anxiety, aggression or other behavioral issues or unwanted bad habits. And granted it’s a lot of money, but her prices are extremely fair for the type of service and quality of service.

– Laila [Darlie]

Gabrielle is amazing! Our 1 year old Blue Nose Pit was a completely new dog after spending two weeks with her. She’s no-nonsense and professional, but also very sweet with the pup. Our dog LOVES her! The foundation Gabrielle laid and the skills she taught us were great! We’ve eliminated destructive chewing and reduced pulling so much that we’re actually able to walk our dog outside. We can have guests over now without being embarrassed. Thank you so much!

Bella-from-gilbert-arizona 4

– Miesha [Bella]

This is Sofie my 6 month old lab. She is full of puppy antics but Gabby has been working with her teaching manners and obedience..and me how to enforce the training!!. Sofie is catching on very quickly and it’s so nice to have an instructor that is patient and explains why she trains the way she trains. Gabby has met all of my expectations and I look forward to continued help and advice. I would highly recommend Gabby with Kona’s Dog Training!!

– Diane [Sofie]

We came across Kona’s dog training when we were looking to board our dog for an upcoming vacation. Gabby called shortly after our online inquiry and we were able to schedule a free consultation for the following day. Gabby’s professionalism, knowledge, and experience was evident from the moment she began working with us and our dog Frank. Her training packages are affordable for the service we are continuing to receive. Her lifetime training program is totally worth the investment. We highly recommend Gabby and Kona’s Dog Training to anyone who wants simple and effective training to make their lives and their dog’s lives happier.

frank goldendoodle Training for phoenix

– Brian [Frank]

Gabby has been such a great dog trainer to work with, I wish I had found her earlier. She is knowledgeable, communicative, and easy to work with. As I continue to work with Gabby, my dogs and I have been able to implement her instruction and tools into our day to day routine, making life less stressful and more enjoyable with my dogs. I will continue to work with and recommend her to others, five out of five stars!

– Shelby [Nellie]

Gabrielle is the best! She understood our (my pet Toby and me) issues and immediately went to work on them. In one month, our enjoyment of each other has returned and increased. Toby had been highly stressed for a long time and he is now a calm and happy dog! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Gabrielle!!!

– Maureen [Toby]

When we adopted Bella from a shelter we were ‘t given much information about her. We were told that she was picked up off the street where she apparently had lived for some time. She was very anxious and had a number of bad habits like barking, biting and acting aggressive toward people, other animals and vehicles. We got kicked out of a pet store group training session and a professional trainer was recommended. I am extremely grateful that Ms. Sabol (Gabby) answered my plea for help. We were attracted by her training philosophy of building a relationship with Bella by rewarding positive behavior. Bella was very quickly socialized to people and other dogs and bonded with us. She is now a loving member of our family. Thank you, Gabby for all your help.

– Deborah [Bella]

Gabrielle has been a lifesaver when it comes to dog training. Although I had done a great deal of research before getting my German Shepard puppy, after a few weeks, I realized that training a puppy was completely over my head. She has provided me with guidance and techniques on how to address a myriad of behaviors, including jumping, biting, and barking, as well as basic training. More importantly Gabrielle has been very responsive to my texts and emails, and very flexible in meeting with me at my home, in the park, and even boarding my puppy for more intensive training. Overall, I am very happy with the service she has provided to me and my dog Oliver, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone searching for a trainer who is knowledgeable, patient and compassionate.

– Nykia [Oliver and Sandy]

I engaged Kona’s Dog Training to assist Coal, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, with basic dog handling commands.

Ms. Sabol (Gabby) is very knowledgeable and professional in all areas of the training. During the six week training period, Coal and I learned how to succeed as a team with Gabby’s patience assistance.

I highly recommend Ms. Sabol and Kona’s Dog Training.

– Stephen [Coal]

I need just one word to describe the training – AMAZING!! I have a large 100lb dog who would become very aggressive toward other dogs when walking on a leash. After just 4 lessons, he is now calm and we both can enjoy our walks. Again, AMAZING!!

– Lisa [Zoni]

Gabrielle is a wonderful dog trainer! We drive across town to work with her 🙂 We recently boarded our dog with her and were beyond thrilled with her care and photos!

– Stacey [Benny]

Very Professional and always full of answers. Gabby offered us a complimentary consultation where she met our puppy and provided us with education and a “treatment” outline. She answered our MANY questions, including her different packages. Admittedly, I was apprehensive at first but have come to see this as one of the best investments I have ever made. Making the decision to bring a dog in to my life was disruptive and disorganizing because both the dog and I had different expectations. Gabby provided specific detailed instructions which helped us and our dog build a relationship of trust. She provided contexts and education to the problems we were having with a new puppy and offered solutions. Gabby responded within hours of our texts or emails and always provided solutions to our problems, often with videos and pictures. She visited our home often and the dog park of which he plays and offered suggestions on how to help him with his fears. I continue to have friends shocked by how young and behaved our dog is. This brings me a lot of pride and happiness. I continue to be very satisfied with Kona’s Dog Training services and highly recommend taking advantage of Gabby’s services.

– Travis [Benson]

Gabrielle has been amazing to work with! All of our questions have been answered with content that both myself and my girlfriend were comfortable with and understood. Having owned dogs my whole life, I could see the unique bond Gabrielle has with dogs and their natural response to her methods. We had 4 sessions with Gabrielle and can see the amazing progress our 8-9 month old puppy has already made. She offers great training packages and caters to your needs and is with you every step of the way. Definitely recommend!!

– Jordan [Oliver]

Gabby is a wonderful trainer who does a great job at educating the pet owner of dog psychology with training techniques. This combination really helped me with training my dog at home within the first 4 weeks. With Gabby’s expert training, I am now able to enjoy walks my dog by him not pulling on the leash and stopping when I stop. We simply have a better relationship now! Gabby wants her clients to be successful and provides support whenever you need it. Lastly, I think her pricing was fair and personally not as expensive as other trainers I was looking into. I looked at this as an investment not just for my dog but both of us to have a better relationship and communication skills…well worth it!! Thank you, Gabby for helping me with Ranger during a time we desperately needed it! I highly recommend hiring Gabby if you’re struggling with your fur baby

– Rosie [Ranger]

We’ve been working with Gabby and Kona’s Dog Training for the last 6 months since we adopted our dog Benson. Benson has gone from being literally afraid of his own shadow to a confident happy pup, and we have been given the tools to help him listen and grow through Gabby’s approachable, direct, and professional guidance. Kona’s has given us peace of mind and a peaceful home. We would recommend them to every dog owner who is struggling with their pet’s behavior.

– William [Benson]

I contacted a few training facilities prior to choosing Kona’s. The reason I chose Kona’s is because Gabrielle answered questions on the phone, didn’t rush me and didn’t try to push me into a commitment. After mulling over, I called to arrange an evaluation. After meeting, I decided to definitely use Kona’s and go with the 2 week in home training and I’m REALLY glad I did. I received daily updates with photos and/or videos. What Gabrielle did in two weeks would not have been attainable on my own. Gabrielle had me go to her home to see where my dog would be living for the next two weeks. A week after training, she came to my home for a little follow up training and we still have another follow up, not to mention life time coaching via phone. Gracie, my little Yorkie was a pistol with a mind of her own. I’m amazed at her transformation. She doesn’t beg anymore, she takes her place when someone comes over, she doesn’t jump on people anymore, she walks side by side with me and I’ve only had her back for one week. I need to continue working with her on come, but even that is showing big progress. Just doesn’t happen overnight.
My friends and neighbors have noticed the positive difference in my pooch, Gracie.
Gabrielle was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend using her. She is easy to reach by phone or text, she answers quickly and definitely
has compassion for animals. So glad we used her, now we have a trainer and new friend! 🙂

– Lucy [Gracie]

I highly recommend Kona’s Dog Training – Gabby works with me and Kevin, my Chow, and had transformed his behavior in just a few sessions. Gabby is knowledgeable, patient, and effective in her training methods. She tailored the training to fit Kevin’s unique personality and energy. Kevin had some behavior issues that I was struggling to correct on my own, Gabby was able to quickly identify the problem and develop a training plan to address it.

Kevin is now much more obedient and responsive to commands. He is also more relaxed and well-behaved in social situations. I can now take him out in public without feat of him becoming aggressive or unmanageable.

I highly recommend Gabby and Kona’s Dog Training to anyone looking for a skilled and dedicated dog trainer. Gabby’s expertise and passion for helping dogs and their owners is truly remarkable. She has made a huge positive impact on Kevin’s life and mine. Thank you, Gabby!

– Jesse [Kevin]

My husband and I were looking for a trainer to help us with the reactivity of our youngest dog Zoey. Gabby was referred to us by someone else in our community and we are so glad we found her! What we liked about Gabby was how upfront and honest she was when we brought Zoey in. We did private lessons with her for the first month and what a difference! We immediately saw results with the techniques she showed us to practice at home. We also appreciated that we didn’t need to constantly reward Zoey with treats like other trainers do. We highly recommend her and definitely 5 stars for Gabby and Kona’s Dog Training!

– Jen [Zoey]

Gabrielle is amazing trainer. She has such a gift of recognizing behaviors and correcting them. Ryder is part of the board and train program and we couldn’t be happier with results and attention not only to Ryder but to us and training us. Thank you so much for your continued help!

– Anessia [Ryder]

I came to the valley for the winter with my 8 month old standard poodle. I was needing to get a trainer that was not only willing to train my Bodie but also myself. Gabby not only is awesome with Bodie, she can explain the different techniques & the reason why to perfection. If I have a question I can text her & she will answer me in a timely manner. I know that we have the best trainer that there is and for that I am very grateful! I think Gabby is the BEST!!!!!

– Karen [Bodie]