Arya is Natasha’s Best Companion Dog!

Natasha from Phoenix, AZ was referred to us by another client because her dog, a labrador mix, Arya, was having significant issues while on walks. Arya would pull, lunge and sound very aggressive toward other dogs and cats. Natasha knew Arya was not mean, but was worried these issues would cause problems for her at her condo complex.

After Natasha and Arya came in for an initial visit with us, we learned that Arya had no command training and that she was being walked on a flat or tag collar. Natasha had no control over the reactions Arya would have while outside and felt defeated on what to do about it. We discussed all the options they both had and they ultimately signed up for the Unlimited Program to work on the concerns at a slower pace to ease Natasha into the changes needed to get Arya more comfortable and under control.

We began working with Arya on a slip lead leash and practiced teaching calming techniques. Arya learned how to walk loosely on a leash and command training came much easier as she continued to calm and relax while building distractions around other dogs. She currently uses a prong collar because Natasha needed the “power steering” it gave her to feel more confident in public places and Natasha has learned how to react to and quickly work Arya through any reactions she might have. They do not happen often and when they do they are much less and last for only a few seconds.

Arya has been doing so great these past few months and she is a regular staple at our group classes where she is a great helper to younger or more reactive dogs. She also goes down to Mexico with Natasha and runs and enjoys the beach and water with other dog friends and is completely off leash.

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