Benny no longer has accidents in the home…

Benny from Tempe, AZ Ben from Tempe, AZ called us because he had just adopted his new buddy, Benny, from the Animal Control and was looking to start their new relationship off right. Ben noticed from the beginning that Benny had some issues with urinating all around the house, especially when he was home alone. Benny also seemed to be uncomfortable doing things that most would think simple. Things like getting into the car, being ok with someone walking behind him on walks and being told “no” when he did something wrong. Benny however was not ok with these things and even more. He would shut down whenever something would happen that he didn’t understand or was afraid of.

Ben signed Benny up for our Unlimited Program, so he could practice with Benny every day and begin to build their relationship from the very beginning. Ben and Benny together learned how to communicate through simple commands like, “sit”, “down” and “come”. We taught Ben how to overcome unwanted behaviors like pottying in the house without making Benny scared and shut down. Benny also learned how to be more comfortable out in the world without worrying that there was that might happen. Enjoying the park is so much better than being fearful of it!

Benny no longer has accidents in the home and has learned to love his crate, where he can now hold his potty for 10 hours if needed! Benny can also walk right by Ben’s side and know that if anything might happen, Ben is there to take care of it, so Benny can now enjoy the outdoors, even when people walk behind, past and in front of him. He listens great inside his home and can enjoy the nice cuddles Ben is more than willing to give him. Benny has finally found a great home that is as lasting as their new friendship.

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