Flash is Now a Skilled Athlete

Michelle and Tyler from Scottsdale, AZ called us to get help with their newly adopted Border Collie mix, Flash. Flash had a neglected past and they did not know much about what type of care he had, if any, but they could tell he had no real rules or boundaries. Flash was terrible on a leash and would pull until he choked himself to get wherever he felt he wanted to go. He was not crate trained and would run wild inside the home whether Michelle and Tyler were home or not. He had no command training and did not listen at all whenever he was outside chasing after every bird he could hear, close or far. Michelle and Tyler were in need of help and they really didn’t know where to start or what to do.

We set them up with an initial visit and they brought Flash in, so we could chat in person and talk about what the best options were for both them and Flash. After chatting and going through their concerns and goals we all agreed the Boarding School program was the best option for Flash. Flash started his training right away and picked up on the leash training quickly, but he definitely attempted to test the waters to see what he might be able to get away with.  That didn’t last long. He also did well on his command training, but had a harder time than most remembering them long term. Like Flash, many dogs who learn things quickly also tend to forget them as quickly. We spent the first week of his training really working on consistency with his commands and routine to help him build better sustainable habits and the second week we went outside into the world and used daily distractions to help solidify them.

Michelle and Tyler kept up with training after Flash went home and have been doing a phenomenal job ever since. Flash was calm inside the home and did better inside the crate at night, even with the cats around. He didn’t run the house like a race track any longer and was able to enjoy walks at a normal “human” speed. Michelle and Tyler however, decided they and Flash wanted and needed more activities to enjoy and they started training him in racing, dock diving and agility. Flash has excelled at these activities and also often enjoys long hikes with them whenever they can get out of the valley and take trips. Flash has also done so well in his training that he helped his littermate [who was returned to the rescue] to get better trained for a new family to eventually adopt him. Flash was calm, patient and taught his littermate how good a home could be when they weren’t in such a hurry to get anywhere.

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