Kevin is his Human’s Best Friend

Jesse, from Tempe, called us at Kona’s Dog Training because he was looking for help training his 3 y/o Chow mix, Kevin, around other dogs. Kevin had a reactivity issue whenever he saw other dogs while on walks. He would react more to dogs that reacted to him and Jesse was concerned that Kevin might be aggressive in the future and get off leash and bite another dog. Jesse wanted Kevin to listen to him better and calm down while on their daily walks.

Jesse brought Kevin in for an initial visit and we sat and talked about all his concerns and discussed all the details of the training we could offer both him and Kevin. We soon found out that Kevin not only had issues listening to Jesse outside the home, but inside the home as well. He would react to dogs while looking out the window and had a hard time settling down throughout the day when these incidents had occurred.

Jesse signed Kevin up for our Unlimited Program and started working with Kevin as soon as we fitted him with a new leash and collar. Kevin started working on better leash walking and command skills. Through practice and consistency, Kevin began to calm down when in the sight and social settings of other dogs. He listened better at home to calming commands Jesse said and was able to work through any outbursts more quickly and calmer than before. Now Kevin calms down almost immediately when he has any type of reaction to other dogs.

Jesse and Kevin continue to make really big strides in training through our group class settings and Kevin is regularly around dogs who are both calmer and much more reactive. He is a great help with training other individuals and their dogs because he is able to show how to socialize with other dogs in a safe, healthy way that allows learning to progress quickly.

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