Ollie has made great progress

Alicia brought Ollie, her Labrador/Pitbull Mix, to us because Ollie had a significant problem with separation anxiety. Along with the separation anxiety he was experiencing, he wouldn’t listen to Alicia both inside and outside the home. While at work Alicia couldn’t crate Ollie because he would bite at, paw at and do unintended harm to himself trying to get out of the crate. He also found wrong ways to try and relieve his stress by chewing on things like her pillows and couch. He also went as far as destroying old picture and picture frames. Alicia was so stressed and was worried there wasn’t going to be any way to deal with Ollie’s issues.

Alicia signed Ollie up for our Unlimited Program where we meet once a week to work on all of the obedience he was missing out on and to help teach him how to feel better inside of the crate. Ollie, like the champ he is, picked up the obedience commands smoothly and even learned how to “down” in less than 15 minutes. He walks great on leash and while Alicia is still working on his excitement when he sees other dogs [he is a lover of all dogs] she doesn’t have to worry about him pulling her to the ground anymore because they have both learned how to use the leash correctly and how to calm down before they go anywhere, which makes the experience that much more fun.

Alicia is so much happier now that she knows Ollie can and will continue to be a good dog who listens and no longer has severe anxiety issues that could cause him to hurt himself. The crate is no longer his enemy and he is finding comfort just being in there. Ollie has made great progress during the time he has been with us and everyday he makes bigger steps to be that perfect dog for his mom!

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