Odin’s No Longer a Work in Progress

Greg from Gilbert, AZ was actually not a client of ours in the beginning. His now ex-wife originally called us to get help for their Springer Spaniel, Odin. Odin was having issues with separation anxiety from his housemates after the couple separated. Odin went with Greg and the other two dogs went with his ex-wife. She wanted to help Odin because she still loved the dog, but knew she needed someone to help convince Greg that training was a good option. Odin had begun to have bad reactivity on walks with other dogs and cats and would lunge and pull on the leash. He also would bark and scratch at the window of the apartment whenever an animal would walk by.

After meeting all three, we all agreed that Odin would best fit in our Unlimited Program to help Greg work through the challenges a little bit slower and with more direct human help. We worked on leash handling with Odin and did several different techniques until we found one that worked for both Greg and Odin. He also progressed nicely with commands. Odin began to calm down as the weeks progressed and Greg gained confidence and independence while we worked together.

Odin is now able to not only walk on the leash well, but he has new housemates to socialize with and enjoy his days. He no longer lunges at cats or dogs and is able to attend group classes at the facility and is one of our senior dogs, who help other newer dogs in the classes build strong and confident social relationships.

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