They are so happy to be receiving compliments on how well behaved their dog is…

Jordan and Kailey from Scottsdale, AZ contacted us because Oliver, their Labradoodle was their first puppy and dog in a while. They noticed that Oliver was unsure about certain noises and uncomfortable around new situations. They also wanted a great foundation to bring Oliver into adulthood. They just wanted the best for their new family member and that’s why they had first called.


Oliver was quickly signed up for our Unlimited Program because both Jordan and Kailey wanted to work every day with him and wanted the guidance on how to do that. Oliver was a spit fire and learned exceptionally well and fast. Jordan and Kailey also did a wonderful job practicing every day with Oliver and at each lesson we could see how well the training was going. Oliver learned obedience commands like “place”, “come” and “down” while also learning to walk nicely on a leash.

All three couldn’t be a better family unit. They are happy to be spending as much time as possible together, going out in public to show Oliver the world and enjoying showing him off at the same time.


Oliver is loved by everyone who passes by him and Jordan and Kailey are so happy to be receiving compliments on how well behaved their dog is. They started the training at an early age and worked so hard to make it worth it. Now Oliver gets to go lots of places and people get to enjoy the beautiful Labradoodle.

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