The groomer said it was like he grew up overnight…

We’ve enjoyed so much working with Gabby. We knew we needed help with our dog Koda, but we were having trouble finding anyone in Northern Arizona (where we live) who would help us. Gabby was willing to work with us. She spent a whole hour video chatting with us to make sure her program was a good fit for us and Koda. She recognized all of Koda’s issues right away, which was a big relief.

We decided her two week boarding program was what he needed to get started. He has made amazing progress. Our groomer even gave me a discount because he is so much better behaved. The groomer said it was like he grew up overnight. Since he came home Gabby has called and video chatted with us and answered all our questions promptly. I feel so much relief knowing that going forward she will be there to help. We are looking forward to spending more time with Gabby so we can get more training right along with Koda. 🙂

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