Success Stories

Now Ashely feels more comfortable taking Tegan out in public!!!

Ashely and Joe from Glendale, AZ called us because they had recently adopted their pitbull, Kinsie. When they brought Kinsie home their other pitbull, Tegan didn’t seem to take it that well. Before they knew it a fight happened between the two dogs and a little blood was drawn. They knew immediately that […]

Ryder is becoming the wonderful family dog…

Anissa from Chandler, AZ called us because she was having some concerns with her black Labrador mix, Ryder. She recently took on his care from her daughter and Anissa noticed that he was snapping and having some issues with her other four dogs. She knew before anything got worse that she needed some […]

They are so happy to be receiving compliments on how well behaved their dog is…

Jordan and Kailey from Scottsdale, AZ contacted us because Oliver, their Labradoodle was their first puppy and dog in a while. They noticed that Oliver was unsure about certain noises and uncomfortable around new situations. They also wanted a great foundation to bring Oliver into adulthood. They just wanted the best for their […]

Benny no longer has accidents in the home…

Ben from Tempe, AZ called us because he had just adopted his new buddy, Benny, from the Animal Control and was looking to start their new relationship off right. Ben noticed from the beginning that Benny had some issues with urinating all around the house, especially when he was home alone. Benny also […]

Lizzie learned how to nicely walk on the leash and  politely greet people…

Marilyn, from Tempe, AZ came to us after she had gotten her Welsh Terrier pup, Lizzie. Marilyn had just recently moved and because she lived alone she thought it would be the perfect time to get a great companion. In Lizzie she found a vivacious, spunky and very energetic dog, who jumped like […]

She was walking on the leash without dragging her owners down the street!!!

Mike & Maisha Hagan, from Gilbert, AZ, first contacted us because they were looking for obedience help with their Blue Nosed Pitbull, Bella. After sitting down and talking with us they realized they could take her training so much further. They were looking to just have her listen in the home and act […]

Blue the Siberian Husky, listens so much better now…

Brian and Kathy from Mesa, AZ called us because their mischievous Siberian Husky, Bleu has some unwanted habits. They didn’t like when he jumped on guests, ran outside the front door and counter surfed. Bleu was also uncomfortable around little kids and would sometimes snap at them if they got too close. It […]

Now They Listen!

David, Amy, Dylan and Sam, from Scottsdale, AZ, contacted us after having some pretty awful experiences with multiple other dog trainers for their two dogs Penelope, their Pitbull Rottweiler mix, and Sugar their Pomeranian.   They dealt with everything from the misuse of the e-collar on their dog to being […]

Now they are also able to take Lilly out for walks without her pulling

Linda and Bob are happily retired in Goodyear, Arizona and with all the time in the world they thought it would be a perfect time to get a new puppy. They welcomed Lilly, their Goldendoodle into their home at the healthy age of 8 weeks old, but they soon realized that they might […]

Now we can clip her nails…

Amanda, from Phoenix, Arizona had contacted us after she adopted Zoey, her heeler mix from the shelter. Zoey had all the “normal” bad behaviors like jumping, barking and pulling on the leash, but she also had some serious concerns with biting. Amanda couldn’t even get close to touch Zoey’s rear end and tail […]