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Success Stories

Nellie Has Become a Social Butterfly

Shelby, from Scottsdale, AZ contacted us after several years of dealing with her dog Nellie, a Border Collie mix with behaviors that caused her concern and frightened her. Shelby got Nellie as a rescue and was not informed of Nellie’s behaviors around other dogs. She also found that Nellie was […]

Hector is Now a Happy, Social Dog

Gary from Tempe, AZ called us because his dog Hector, a Terrier/Schnauzer Mix was having issues with fence fighting his next door neighbor and some small scuffles with his housemate. Gary adopted Hector from the county and didn’t know how much worse Hector’s behaviors might get. There was no history […]

Paisley is Now the Cul-de-sac’s Happiest Dog

Bill and Mary, from Tempe, AZ called us when their dog Paisley, an Australian Shepherd, would not stop bolting out the front door and running off to bark at the neighbors in their cul-de-sac. Paisley, while meaning no harm, sounded and looked scary to those who did not know her. […]

Kuma’s the Perfect Kid Family Dog

Kelly from Tempe, AZ called us to help her newly adopted rescue, Kuma, a Poodle/Terrier mix because she knew after only a few days home with her and her sons that Kuma was a bit more than they could handle. There was no real background information on Kuma as the […]

Ducky is Cherry’s Perfect Travel Dog

Cherry from Tempe, AZ called us while she still lived in New York and had just purchased Ducky, her Yorkshire Terrier/Pomeranian mix. She was going to be traveling to Tempe for her traveling musical and was looking for help training Ducky while here. We had a video visit to discuss […]

Germie is Now the Friendliest of Dogs

Laurel from Tempe, AZ called us about her Silver Labrador, Germie. Germie had a big issue walking on leash around other dogs. Laurel said it felt like he was going to pull her arm right out of its socket. Germie would lunge, bark, whine and stand on his hind legs […]

Brody is Sam’s Perfect Companion Dog

Samantha from Scottsdale, AZ contacted us as soon as she decided to purchase Brody, a Golden Retriever from a local breeder. She knew she wanted to start training as soon as Brody was brought home.We gave Samantha some very helpful tips to start studying even before he came home…including books […]

Piper Has Become a Great Companion/Athlete Dog

Patricia, from Phoenix, called us to see if we could help get her cat chasing, pulling on leash, unreliable at commands Australian Shepherd under control so she could actually enjoy him. Patricia got Piper as a puppy from a breeder and admitted that she lacked consistency with training as a […]

Remy, the Belgian Malinois, is Now a Great Family Dog

Karin and her family, from Mesa, called us for training help after they purchased their Belgian Malinois, Remy. Karin wanted to get started on the correct foot since she knew the type of breed she purchased would be very active and smart. She wanted to learn how to successfully walk […]

Gracie is now the Best Family Dog!

Lucy, from Phoenix, called us to talk about training for her puppy Gracie, a Yorkshire terrier, who had no training and was starting to be a cause of problems between her and her roommate. Gracie was peeing on the carpet, barking every time the doorbell rang, pulling on a leash […]